Hope For All Ministries

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House of Judah Children Home

In the beginning we started with 5 children at our home with our own resources. Now the present number of children has risen to 12 children with in 1 year. Now by the Grace of God we have 32 Children.

Our goal is to provide, by faith, food, clothing and shelter, educate and spiritually raise parent less or fatherless orphans and destitute children in spiritual wisdom. We take delight in caring for their health and spiritual, welfare. Give instruction for inculcating, God's fear in their young spirits. We provide them a good life, which, without God's mercy, they do not have nor can get from their parents/families. (If they exist) According to James 1:27, provide support for widows and encouraging Pastors throughout our area of Ministry.

For their educational growth: We provided needed books and material's, for their school study and uniforms and shoes for their health and well being. Teaching, bible stories for learning about God and God's will for each life this will, prayerfully build their spiritual strength strong and teach them to be good servants unto the lord in the future.

It is a great joy for us to tell you that we encourage children to improve their minds with knowledge that will make them better citizens in the Lord's Kingdom, as well to their fellow citizens. We provide entertainment for our children through sports, games, indoors and outdoors. We also take children to visit parks, big cities, museums and the seashore for their recreation. We also encourage children to improve their personal skills like drawing and art, singing and playing music instruments, acting, writing, sewing and embroidery (for girls), swimming, gardening etc.  

The other works which we do are church, evangelism, social activities and provisions to the widows. Doing all this depending entirely upon the will and grace of God.

Teresa Old Age Home

India traditionally has been a country that respects their elders and cares for people in their old age but now the younger generation in all their busyness forgets the old ways of life to care for their elderly parent and many parents are sent to old people’s homes. Many that have come to stay in Teresa Old Age home for the elderly when they arrived were worried and felt rejected by their own children. But our God is a faithful God and He never forsakes anyone. By God's grace the Hope Church has been supporting the elderly & widows from the beginning of its ministry. By the prayer & financial support of faithful people of God, we now have a home for the elderly & widows in the Lord's Hand, where they can worship the Lord and live peacefully.we have 18 aged people with us.

Church Planting


We have churches in many places, and our Pastor’s don't get paid by us but they are working with us by Faith in God. We have Constructed  the  churches in some places and now the congregation is increase by the grace of God, so we are planning to extent our churches in some new places. We have started building churches by faith, and our great God is supplied funds to build 37 churches all over India. But there are some more churches we are planning to built. We need your valuable prayers and support to build churches in Andhra Pradesh and India. Please pray for these church buildings to be built.




We always conduct Crusades in different parts of India. And we invite great man of God to preach the Good News in these open Crusades. Many people have been blessed by them and many were led by them into His kingdom. During their preaching time Holy Spirit come upon many people and they start to speaking in tongues. In every crusade 100 to 200 people receive Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. This year also we are planning to conduct some more crusades in different places in India. Please pray for the success of the Crusades, and pray that God may supply all our needs for these Crusades. 


Tracks Distribution

Twice in a month we distribute the Christian gospel tracks in road sides, shops, buses, train s, hospitals, market places, and in big political meetings, Christian crusades, Hindu temples, Muslim masques, our youth people join with us to distribute tracks. Through this ministry we have got lots of the letters coming from different people and they write to us that they want to know more about Jesus Christ. We send them bible books and bibles for them to study, and also try to meet them to tell more about our Lord Jesus Christ. Every year we print 50 thousand tracks for distributions. Please pray that God may send funds for this great ministry.


Pastor’s Seminars

Every year we use to conduct pastor’s seminar 3-4 times in different parts of India, 120-160 pastors attend to develop their spiritual knowledge many pastors bless by this seminars we also had an awesome testimony from a Catholic priest, who states that his Sunday service had the same anointing upon it as we had at the pastors seminar.

Slum Ministry in Hyderabad

We have Slum ministry in three places each place over ten thousand people are living. These people do not have proper work. Eighty percentage people are uneducated. 

These people have no school, addicted to alcohol and drugs and have no moral standards. In every family there is an average of 3 to 5 children. There is no Government registered clinic, no proper school. The abortion rate is very high, and there are hundreds of orphan children who 

were born to illegal parents. These people are also against Christianity. 

Yet God had opened a door for us to work among this sect of people. We provide them with cloths, teach them moral standards and also introduce Christ in their life

Vacation Bible School

We conduct VBS once a year for one week. It is conducted in more than four places were 700 to 1000 children gather together. It is the most fun loving and a breakthrough from daily routine of school and homework. We have musical events for students were we teach them full action songs, skits with moral values from the Bible, fun games, make them memorize verses from the Bible and last but not the least we also provide them with refreshments. We involve them with activities and encourage them by distributing prizes and awards