Hope For All Ministries

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A Word From The Founder

Welcome to our website. Are you a Christian? or maybe you go to church because your parents or your friends goes there, but you need Christ in your heart that He may transform your old life and give you new life in Him. Galatians 2:20.

As the world economies are imploding, fear is exploding. Every news broadcast gives us more information about financial collapse. The world is facing problems after problems; people are always in some kind of crisis, such as terrorist, wars, diseases, and so on.

Don’t allow all this kind of crisis to take you out from God's presence. Yes in the world there is confusion; but you must always remember that in the Presence of God there is fullness of joy Psalm 16:11. If you are in Christ you are secured under His care and grace. Jesus said in John 16:33   "In this world you have troubles, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world".

Prosperity in this world needs God's presence to be with you. Remember Bible tells us that Joseph prospered because God was with him Genesis 39:2-3;   Hezekiah prospered because God was with him, 2 Kings 18:7; David prospered because God was with him 2. Samuel 5:10.

God' presence means to have Him personal, to reborn and receive Christ into your heart. Without God you cannot make it in this world.

It is good to educate, have a nice job, cars, houses but without Jesus into your life there will be no joy. Today marriages are falling apart, rich people are unhappy, lonely; no peace without New life into Christ.

We all know that the world economic System is spinning out of control, powerful people in the world cannot stop the breakdown. I have good news for you; Our God specializes in things seems impossible. Our God is bigger than any crisis. God has never failed His people. Receive Jesus today you will be always happy. God bless you. You can email me([email protected]) if you have any prayer request, I will pray with you.

Remain blessed, in Jesus wonderful name Amen.

Steve Walter Rebbavarapu
Founder, Hope for all Ministries